About Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is a flexible, cloud-based contact center service built on AWS that enables organizations to provide optimal customer service at a lower cost. With a fully cloud-based and pay-as-you-go model, you can scale your Amazon Connect contact center up or down as needed.

Flexible Contact Flow

Choose which VoiceBase features you want applied to your call data. Options include transcription language, swear word filter, PCI redaction, custom vocabulary, conversation metrics, call categories, or predictive models.

See Results in Salesforce

Our Natural Language Processing extracts topics and keywords which can surface trends.  Simple logic can be applied to trigger an automated business process to alert decision makers about these trends.

Salesforce Drill-Down

Full speech-to-text transcription is included in the Salesforce activity record.  This information can be utilized to streamline agent QA and increase agent effectiveness.

Discover Big Voice Intelligence

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