Speech Analytics To Surface The Details You’ve Been Looking For

Keyword Extraction

Using proprietary algorithms our platform automatically identifies and extracts relevant keywords in a recording. This provides a user with immediate click-n-play navigation within a recorded event.

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Topic Generation

The VoiceBase API automatically creates organized groupings of keywords to better facilitate the exploration of a recording by someone unfamiliar with the event. This is ideal for a one-to-many use cases or long recordings.

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Keyword/Phrase Spotting

Customers can define specific terms or phrases they want detected and time-stamped within a recording.. This feature is helpful to spot competitor names, profanity, opinion statements, mandatory script phrases or any other content of interest.

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Add/Delete Keywords

Users can delete and add keywords to the generated list to manage the way in which their content is consumed. This is ideal for one-to-many use cases or to make long recordings more consumable.

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Per Word Intensity

VoiceBase delivers the relative intensity level, in relation to the specific recording, of each spoken word in a transcript. Developers typically use this data to perform sentiment or other analysis. This feature is coming soon, please contact us to learn more.

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Per Word Pitch

VoiceBase delivers the pitch of each spoken word that a developer may use to perform more advanced analytics. This feature is coming soon, please contact us to learn more.

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