A VoiceBase Case Study

Optimizing BPO sales operations With Speech Analytics

Learn How Avantive Solutions leveraged VoiceBase to improve their call center operations and performance. 

avantive solutions bpo call center
bpo call center sales optimization case study

How can you increase BPO Call Center revenue and efficiency?

Avantive Solutions faced a difficult challenge:  improving agent sales performance and outcomes. 

They had ambitious goals – and they reached them. How? They leveraged some of the most powerful AI speech technology on the market and scanned and analyzed 100% of their customer interactions to strategically approach sales optimization.  What they discovered allowed them to surpass their goals, and increase sales conversions by over 100%. Learn how they did it in this case study.



  • Improving Sales Efficiency by 111%
  • 104% Increase in Conversions
  • Process and Tactics to improve sales operations 
  • Details on technology and approach
call center conversational analytics dashboard

Avantive Solutions is a global Business Process Outsourcer representing Fortune 100 companies. As such, quality, efficiency, and providing a premier product to their clients is a must. 

In this competitive environment, using the old manual methods of call monitoring and agent feedback are no longer sufficient. Contact center leaders need to be “Smarter now than 15 minutes ago”. This goal required Avantive Solutions to innovate and look for more efficient and effective solutions. 

Investment in quality monitoring and agent feedback is not a luxury; it is essential. This case study will help you understand how to achieve the return on investment gained by implementing a Quality Monitoring system integrated with well-designed Voice Analytics and Machine Learning.  

Several of Avantive Solutions clients operate on a Pay-per-Sale compensation model in a multi-vendor environment. This environment requires that they have the most efficient operations and processes to increase profitability and market share. 

Following an extensive vetting process, Avantive Solutions chose VoiceBase, Inc. and partnered with them to deploy the solution discussed.  

Avantive Solutions Implemented a combination of a Call Recording platform, a customized Voice Analytics and Feedback system combined with Machine Learning, and Enriched Data visualized in Tableau.  

This platform has resulted in significant improvement in each of the critical metrics mentioned above and in Legal Compliance. They can easily monitor all required statements and disclosures and ensure they are occurring in the right conversations, at the right times. 

The insights discovered by analyzing 100% of calls in their call center interactions allowed them to spot exact areas for improvement. Quantitative data could then be used to improve sales agent training, optimize scripts, and discover new opportunities to prevent customer churn and also increase sales within their BPO call center. 

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Digitizing Voice: A Great Source OF DATA for Organizations to Tap

Digitizing Voice: A Great Source OF DATA for Organizations to Tap

While it might seem mundane, digitizing voice data is essential for downstream advantage. There are significant benefits in gathering, aggregating, analyzing, and leveraging appropriate actions from voice data. There are obvious benefits in customer service, sales management, and compliance. Voice data is an equal tributary in the growing data mesh that organizations are dealing with for now and the future. We are only at the beginning of leveraging voice data, so expect a big push in brand monitoring next.