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Sales Engineer


Cloud-Scale Distributed Systems

VoiceBase is a fast growing, San Francisco based speech analytics startup providing cloud scale APIs for speech recognition, natural language processing, and predictive analytics. Our customers, who include Fortune 500 companies, call centers, and many small and medium voice application developers, use our APIs to turn their voice recordings into into high quality transcriptions, business insights, and pioneering applications. We process vast amount of voice data across 10,000 cores of hybrid cloud compute power, and our volume is doubling every 3 months.

We are seeking a Sales Engineer to assist clients with pre-sales planning and support. You will work with developers in a range of industries including call centers, conferencing, call recording, WebRTC, market research, CRM, education, and broadcasting, providing technical knowledge to integrate with the VoiceBase API.


  • Translating and explaining technical information to customers and clients, focusing on how VoiceBase can solve specific problems.
  • Assist in on-boarding and ongoing support while nurturing long-term partnerships.
  • Help customers implement VoiceBase’s API to achieve strategic business goals and objectives.
  • Understand why customers use VoiceBase and how they can derive more value from the product.
  • Using technical skills to demonstrate to potential customers the usefulness of the product or service and how it may suit the customer better than competing products.


  • A strong understanding of the software development lifecycle.
  • Experience in: web/mobile development, IP-based telephony or real-time communications.
  • A firm understanding of enterprise integration best practices, service oriented architecture and models for sharing IT services across the enterprise.
  • A world-class communicator. Confident dispensing knowledge to a highly skilled and experienced audience including C-level executives.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, MIS or a comparable field is preferred.



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