Defining the Future of Deep Learning and Communication through Powerful APIs

by Emily Nave

We are a pattern that changes slowly, but has stability and continuity, even though the stuff constituting the pattern changes quickly.

– Ray Kurzweil, How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed

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This quote neatly summarizes the entirety of the author, inventor, and computer scientist’s opus work on the subject of the neocortex of the human mind, and our attempts to mimic it in technology. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed—finding Kurzweil’s text so revolutionary in the field of AI that, upon reading a rough draft of it, Google CEO Larry Page promptly offered him a job as the head engineer at the tech supergiant.

While the concept of deep learning certainly isn’t a new one, the school of thought has taken tremendous strides in recent years. Much like the human brain—which is unmatched in its ability to recognize patterns (for now)—we are beginning to unlock ways to more efficiently teach machines to memorize sounds, images, text, speech, and other data.

As such, we are seeing the tireless efforts of Kurzweil and his colleagues come to fruition in real-world applications. AI-powered APIs and deep-learning analytics for the enterprise are slowly leaking into the business world, opening up a new dimension of understanding of customers and their data. And companies like VoiceBase are at the forefront of this era of deep learning, providing the enterprise with unparalleled access to the voice of the customer.

Accurate, Powerful, and Accessible Speech Analytics

In the grand timeline of deep learning, speech recognition is undoubtedly the most advanced iteration of deep learning that we have. With deep-learning recurrent neural networks, we are continuously able to supply low-level data like human word and phrase utterances to develop a high-level understanding of what is being said.

This process is of monumental value to the enterprise. With our leading speech engine API, you can automatically transcribe your audio recordings into text with near-perfect accuracy. And with tools such as keyword extraction, topic generation and call categories, you can run a fine-toothed comb through your customer conversations and get to the heart of the data you’re looking for.

Machine-Learning-Based Language

With the amount of data that the enterprise has at its fingertips today, it can be incredibly time-consuming and laborious to rifle through endless mounds of data for the information you need. To be able to automate these operations, sift through unnecessary information, and unearth the insightful bits will prove to be invaluable to your organization.

Deep learning has lent businesses the power to use predictive analytics to spot complex events like hot leads, lead quality, or the likelihood of future behavior. This enables businesses to identify trends, perform competitive analysis, and better track each customer’s journey. And VoiceBase automatically surfaces keywords, key phrases, and topics from recordings using proprietary algorithms and customer input to make sure you never miss out on an opportunity.

Scalable, Secure, and Reliable APIs

The same looming concerns exist with cloud-based applications: Is the solution scalable to grow with my business? Does the cloud provide enough security to keep my data safe? Is it reliable enough to ensure 100 percent operational uptime? With VoiceBase and deep learning, it’s a resounding YES across the board.

VoiceBase is a hybrid cloud, where we have the capacity to process up to a billion minutes per month of audio. With precautions such as multi-layered security, separated internal subnets, and encryption from end to end, you know you and your customer’s data is protected.

The human brain has been the ultimate model to bring us to where we are in deep learning. As we learn more about how our brains work, so do we also learn how machines might be able to take that power further and further. For now, companies like VoiceBase are providing the tools that are enabling better insight into their internal operations and external offerings, helping create a better user journey for customers everywhere.

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