Predictive Insights: How Deep Learning Neural Networks Can Deliver Better Call Monitoring Insights

by Natalie Chilton


Neural networks have gone in and out of style in neurology and computer science since the 1940s.

The 60s brought a decline in the interest in the subject in academic circles, but it found its way back into topics of discussion in the 80s. Now, neural networks and machine learning are at the forefront of just about every aspect of our lives.

Neural networks and machine learning, now widely referred to as deep learning, are defined as a machine’s ability to pick up on patterns and learn from experience to perform tasks, much like the human brain. This advanced form of artificial intelligence has given rise to speech recognition technology, and in turn, allows a machine to constantly refine its knowledge to provide increasingly accurate information to a user.

Deep learning is at the root of VoiceBase’s proprietary speech recognition API. With it, a user can delve deeply into each and every single recording to extract valuable insights for a better understanding of their customer interactions. So, how exactly can our API help you do that? 

Detect complex events

It’s easy for a human to listen to a conversation and understand speech inflections and the emotions elicited by any speaker in the conversation. However, manually screening calls can be time-consuming and costly for your business.

By leveraging deep learning and big data, through our industry-leading Predictive Insights tool, you can forego this costly manual screening process. VoiceBase is automatically able to detect complex situations within a phone call or recording and sort them into groups based on events such as client intent or agent behavior. Being able to discern these critical scenarios quickly and efficiently will save your company billions of operational dollars in the long run.

Exploit patterns in conversations

As stated above, deep learning is a constant process that a machine uses to understand patterns in the input that it is given. The more information that is fed into a machine, the more accurate and valuable the results that it can provide will be.

It’s one thing to be able to detect events in a recording, but it’s another thing to be able to act on that information. VoiceBase’s speech recognition technology now makes it easier than ever to take this data and analyze it for patterns, trends, and relationships that give you an understanding of customer insights that you never had access to before.

Improve customer experience

At the end of the day, the reason that you want to understand the interaction with your customers is to be able to provide them with a better experience with your company and brand. Deep learning and our Predictive Insights technology give you a fast track to improving your customer interactions.

In our fast-paced and constantly connected world, the context of conversations has emerged as the key tactic of creating this unified customer experience. By having a keen grasp on each and every event in a conversation and detecting patterns within those conversations, you are more readily able to cater to any single customer interaction with precision.


Deep learning and call monitoring predictions are at the heart of determining the best course of action for your future business decisions. VoiceBase is here to help you take the first step into a deeper understanding of your customer interactions. Contact us to learn more!

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