Multichannel Voice Analytics

360º Reporting for Consumer & Market Insights

Driving sales and making the most of marketing campaigns start with a plan. To develop effective advertising and sales strategies, businesses need lots of relevant information on their customers and the buying process. Modern technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI), makes it easier than ever to collect actionable data and make informed decisions.

Voice analytics is one of the most effective ways to help businesses grow using recorded customer service calls. Still, modern customers express their opinions and seek assistance on numerous platforms. That’s why it’s essential to integrate multichannel voice analytics software into your company’s operations.

At VoiceBase, we’re committed to equipping businesses of all sizes with the tools they need to see elevated success. Our multichannel speech analytics software is easy to use and complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and various other regulating bodies.

multichannel call center analytics

What Is Multichannel Voice Analytics? 

Multichannel voice analytics combines information from various sources so your business can plan with an in-depth understanding of your customers and the optimal buying process. By aggregating data from hundreds of call center transcripts, emails, chat responses and social media posts, this software allows businesses to strategize with high volumes of actionable data at their disposal.

VoiceBase software makes it easy to interpret, search and share crucial customer information from multiple sources, allowing your business to experience numerous benefits.

  • Gather Information from Multiple Platforms: Customers interact with businesses across numerous platforms. When you account for various sources, you can gain information on your full range of customers. This way, your business can develop strategies with the maximum amount of customer information at your disposal, increasing your likelihood of experiencing growth.
  • Analyze the Entire Customer Journey: The customer journey describes the process from discovering your brand to purchasing a product or service. Because advertising functions across multiple platforms, so does the customer journey. You can find the points along the buying funnel that are most likely to confirm a customer’s purchase. This way, you can focus your efforts on the most important steps of the customer journey.
  • Maintain A Full Customer Portfolio: While some customers may call your customer service line when seeking information, many interact with your company across multiple media. From phone calls to chatbot conversations and social media posts, multichannel analysis considers data from every single interaction a particular customer has had with your brand to arm your agent with a complete body of information.
  • Obtain Real-Time Data: When you launch a new campaign, multichannel analytics software fields information in real time so you can quickly analyze customer response across multiple platforms. Determine successful tactics or make timely adjustments to your strategies based on immediate responses. If there’s a problem with your website or numerous customers experience the same product defect, you can know right away and plan for a fast and effective response.
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction: With more information on your customers’ needs and interests, you can find opportunities to develop products and introduce successful campaigns. With accurate customer information in mind, your business’s strategies can lead to greater customer satisfaction. 

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