Speech and text analytics to unlock sales, service, and marketing insights from unstructured voice data



VoiceBase’s products were built to provide enterprises with voice of the customer analytics and contact center insights. From an open API, to and end-to-end cloud contact center application VoiceBase has a product for your business.

Enterprise Accelerator

A comprehensive analytics solution for enterprise to visualize the voice of the customer.

VoiceBase Online

A fully-hosted turnkey cloud application for enterprise to extract contact center voice analytics.

Developer API

A flexible API powering custom voice analytics through a scalable and secure speech processing platform.

Enterprise Accelerator

For enterprises looking to get valuable insights for use across every single department with simple yet powerful data dashboards.

Three floating VoiceBase dashboards layered on top of one another
VoiceBase Online Agent Scorecard Example


For enterprise call centers looking for a quick and insightful online application to optimize operations and analyze 100% of customer interactions.

Developer API

For developers and application companies to customize their voice solutions using VoiceBase’s robust analytics toolkit and enterprise-grade platform.

VoiceBase player and call transcript

Beyond the contact center 

Leverage VoiceBase’s full stack of features to get the most out of your analytics not only for your contact center, but across every department. 

Get transformational insights for sales, service, marketing and contact center operations. 

Optimize Sales

Find out what is working to close the most sales and apply it across all reps 

Validate Marketing

Examine effectiveness of marketing campaigns and get product feedback insights

Perfect CX

Understand how you can provide the best customer experience possible

Ensure Compliance

Mitigate risks relating to fraud within your contact center operations.

Let’s Work Together

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