Enterprises leverage the VoiceBase API to extract critical intelligence from sales calls in order to improve the entire sales team. VoiceBase enables the detection of actionable patterns and best practices in order to expand the best sales person’s tactics across the entire business.

Sales Rep Modeling

Mine calls for keywords, phrases, and objection handling to define actionable patterns and best practices of your top reps, in order to train and replicate behavior across the entire sales organization.

Call AutoNotes

Get snapshots of your sales team’s calls to quickly determine which calls and reps need more attention. Drill-down into those key calls with global search, then click to listen at the pivotal moments. This technology makes managing sales teams more effective and efficient.

Sales Trends

Monitor what’s trending across all reps to understand which competitors or objection statements are occurring most often that day, week, or month to best prepare your team to keep up with the industry ebbs and flows.

Accelerate Agent Training

Provide new hires the ability to search archives of top reps, to observe how they deal with specific events and questions and learn on-the-job techniques in a real-life environment.

Improve sales conversions by extracting key patterns and events from every call

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