It’s time to modernize how you see speech analytics data.

Every conversation happening in your call center is a treasure trove of actionable data, data that can help inform business decisions, educate and train call center agents, and even predict industry and market trends. All of these data points are integral components to an organization’s ability to provide exceptional customer service to anyone interacting with your brand.

Automatically Score 100% of Calls

Generate automatic agent scorecards so managers can quickly and easily review who their best performing agents are and why. 

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Easily Manage Risk and Fraud Compliance 

Automatically detect fraudulent occurrences across all calls. Compliance with security regulations is at the core of VoiceBase to build brand trust with customers.



The key to brand loyalty is satisfied customers. Speech analytics allows businesses to extrapolate auto NPS and CSAT scores across 100% of their calls, guiding businesses to new and successful strategies.


PCI DSS Level 1 Certified

Cleanse call recordings and transcripts of sensitive PCI data with VoiceBase’s PCI detection and redaction feature. Businesses can now query a database full of rich customer insights to leverage while keeping sensitive customer information secure.

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