The Kaltura REACH video search and accessibility suite offers Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) machine transcription through video captioning with VoiceBase. With ASR, the words spoken in your video are transcribed and machine-generated captions are provided for indexing.

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Enable Search

Provide an mechanism for viewers to easily navigate to the section of content they are looking for. With global search across hundreds of thousands of files, valuable archives are now unlocked and can be accessed over and over again.

Consumable Content

VoiceBase empowers video management tools to influence how their content is consumed through keyword extraction and topic generation. Using artificial intelligence we can define topics that were not mentioned directly.

Video Analytics

Video captioning allows you to measure how content is consumed with VoiceBase’s keywords and topics. Video managers can analyze which terms were frequently clicked on and which section was re-visited the most. This data can help benefit your future content choices and SEO strategies.

Manage video content that can be easily navigated

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