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VoiceBase Speech Technology Partner “University of Sheffield” to add 60 PhDs to Become Leading Centre for AI & Speech Technologies
February 28, 2019

San Francisco, CA, Feb. 28, 2019 — Today, VoiceBase, the leading provider of AI-powered speech analytics announced its assistance to the University of Sheffield in adding over 60 new PhD students to propel the next generation of artificial intelligence in speech and language technologies to the next level. This comes as a result of a larger investment of £100m from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) as an effort to train the next generation of artificial intelligence leaders.

The UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training hosted at the University of Sheffield, aims to become a world-leading centre for training scientists and engineers in speech and language technologies (SLT), two core areas within artificial intelligence.

Professor Thomas Hain, Principal Investigator and Director of the CDT in Speech and Language Technologies as well as Director of the VoiceBase Centre for Speech and Language Technologies said: “We are proud that the University of Sheffield has been chosen to host a centre for doctoral training that will combine our experience in training generations of inspired PhD candidates with our track record of world-leading research. No SLT research training worldwide has the same breadth and depth, and exposure to real world problems that this centre will offer.”

VoiceBase’s contribution provides insight to the PhD candidate’s training through real world problems and research projects which leverage AI-powered speech analytics in the enterprise.

“VoiceBase first opened the Centre for Speech & Language Technology at the University of Sheffield because we identified the group of researchers and Professor Thomas Hain to be one of the top research groups worldwide in Speech and Language Technology,” added CEO VoiceBase Walter Bachtiger. “It is exciting to see that the UK government (UK Research and Innovation) has come to the same conclusion and selected the University of Sheffield to be the UKs top location for the Speech and Language Centres for Doctoral Training in Artificial Intelligence.”

For many years now a long-term goal of AI has been to create machines that have the capability of understanding spoken and written human languages- the potential that would empower all human languages to be spoken and understood between humans and computers. Thanks to the UKRI the CDT in Speech Analytics and Language Technologies has the opportunity to research and develop this concept further.

The CDT in Speech Analytics and Language Technologies aims to become a world-leading centre for training scientists and engineers. With VoiceBase’s automated speech recognition and other language technologies the centre is on the path to having a prominent impact on AI and machine learning in the research that is to be accomplished by these students.

“With this injection of funding and resources the CDT aims to add 60 PhD candidates dedicated to research in AI. The long-term impact of this world class research will directly benefit the university, the students and faculty as well as VoiceBase,” stated Walter Bachtiger CEO VoiceBase.  “Congratulations to Professor Hain and all of the researchers for having been chosen to become the top address in the UK for AI & Speech and Language Technologies.”

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