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What file formats can be uploaded?

Our total list of accepted formats includes: *.mp3, *.mp4, *.flv, *.wmv, *.avi, *.mpeg, *.aac, *.aiff, *.au, *.ogg, *.3gp, *.flac, *.ra, *.m4a, *.wma, *.m4v, *.caf, *.cf, *.mov, *.mpg, *.webm, *.wav, *.asf, *.amr

What is your output format for dual-channel audio?

The JSON transcript would be like the example below, where ‘w’ is the word or speaker, ‘e’ and ‘s’ are timestamps, ‘c’ is confidence, ‘p’ is position in the transcript, and ‘m’ is metadata information (“turn” reserved for speaker switches). This is a simple transcript where the caller says hi, then the agent says hi.
{ "w": "caller", "e": 5560, "s": 5160, "c": 1, "p": 1, "m": "turn" }, { "w": "Hi", "e": 5560, "s": 5160, "c": 0.012, "p": 2 }, { "w": "agent", "e": 5670, "s": 5560, "c": 0.828, "p": 3 "m": "turn" }, { "w": "Hi", "e": 5670, "s": 5560, "c": 0.012, "p": 4 }
See more examples here.

Turnaround Time for Machine Transcription?

We use parallel processing and split the audio file into 1 minute chunks. Thus, we chop a 5 minute call into 5 one min pieces and send them out to multiple servers for processing. For example, if the job is a 5 min video, we can send back to you within 90 secs-3 mins. We also provide SLAs and 99% guarantee for 10 min, 2 hr, 24 turn around.

How to get API access?

Request a voice analytics API key here

We will review your request manually and reach out for next steps. 

Can my files be deleted after transcription?

Yes, you have the option to delete files yourself. If and when you delete files all copies and any derivative material, transcripts, etc. are immediately and irretrievably deleted.

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