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the Value of Voice

 Turn Contact Center Insights Into Value Across the Enterprise

Leverage Your Voice Data

Increase Sales         Improve Customer Experience        Minimize Risk


Automatically transcribe recordings with natural language processing (NLP).

Speech Analytics

 Analyze, inspect and categorize calls with our industry-leading  query solution.

PCI Redaction

Automatically detect and redact sensitive data PCI / PII data from the audio and transcript.

Tone & Sentiment

Includes 40 paralinguistic metrics such as silence, overtalk, dynamism & sentiment.

AI Predictions

Detect and predict complex behavior with high accuracy using machine learning.

Text Analytics

Analyze chat, email, CRM, and support data for a complete view of customer interactions.

Analyze 100% of 


Powerful insights from every sales, service, or marketing call. 

Customer Experience

“VoiceBase has been key to our digital transformation by providing rich custom voice analytics across every single department. The Voice of the Customer should be the fabric of every enterprise and we realized that we had limited access to what our VoC really was until we started to leverage VoiceBase’s enterprise analytics solution.”

Becky Masters, Delta Dental of Washington

Agent Quality Assurance

“Being able to pinpoint the exact timing and specific verbiage used in successful conversations provides us with the data needed to help our team of agents be more productive.”

Frank Pettinato,  Avantive

Sales Optimization

“Thanks to partnering with VoiceBase, we’re now able to analyze and score every single inbound call that comes into the dealership.”

Jason Beckett, Proactive Dealer Solutions

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