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No matter your industry, businesses need high-quality information to compete. Sales often depend on how customers feel about your company, and customer service agents foster that relationship. Customer conversation voice analysis is a technique that allows your business to gather the most actionable information on those paying for your products and services. 

At VoiceBase, we develop customer conversation speech analytics programs designed specifically for your business, helping you make the most of your customer service calls. Record massive amounts of conversations and pull out the most important information to develop effective strategies to drive sales and improve your call center. 

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How Does Customer Conversation Voice Analysis Work?

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Analyzing conversations between your customers and call center agents can provide a lot of useful insight into your customer base. The software starts by recording conversations and using artificial intelligence (AI) to transcribe speech from both parties into text. 

After transcribing the conversation, voice analytics software analyzes the text to find key information, such as common themes and even verbal queues. The software then aggregates the information and presents it in an easily digestible format that is shareable across devices. Your team can use this information to adjust sales strategies and improve your call center’s performance.

Benefits of Conversation Voice Analytics for Contact Centers

Customer conversation speech analytics can further any business’s goals. With actionable data regarding your call center conversations at your disposal, you can experience several valuable benefits.

  • Find common themes: Discover common reasons for customer calls, such as technical difficulties, product defects and other frequently asked questions. You can see the links between those who buy and those who don’t, allowing you to plan for the future.
  • Boost sales: With accurate demographic information and insights on why your customers purchase your products or turn to a competitor, you can increase sales numbers. Based on the collected information, adjust your marketing strategies, improve your products or develop new offerings that successfully fulfill your customers’ needs. 
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  • Monitor call center performance: In addition to information on your customers, you can see which call center agents have the most success and which can improve. Search for keywords in your script to make sure all your representatives are following your guidelines. Voice analytics software also allows you to analyze how representatives handle customers with different problems or levels of aggression. This way, your software automatically transfers customers to the agent best fit to solve the customer’s problem. 
  • Ensure data security: VoiceBase analytics software removes sensitive data and implements numerous other measures to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and other regulating bodies. This keeps your customers’ payment information secure and safeguards your business from cyberattacks. 

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Great customer data drives sales, and there’s no better source than your customers themselves. To learn more about how your businesses can benefit from customer conversation voice analytics, reach out to VoiceBase today!