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Measure and Manage Sales and CX Data

When a potential customer is curious about your hotel or travel options, there’s a good chance they’ll pass through your contact center. For that reason, it’s essential to arm your call center with the tools it needs to gather information and convert calls to bookings. Voice analytics technology uses modern advancements like artificial intelligence (AI) to help travel and hospitality companies take advantage of the opportunities within call center interactions.

At VoiceBase, we develop voice analytics software for hospitality industry companies to help increase bookings and overall customer experience. The process is simple. First, our speech analytics software processes your recorded calls and chat conversations in near real-time. Next, the software will analyze each call and compare it to hundreds of others to pinpoint keywords, common themes and more. Your team will be able to access and share charts and data that will allow them to make the best decisions for your company.

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Benefits of Voice Analytics for the Hospitality Industry

Your call center is at the frontlines of your company’s relationship with its client base. With speech analytics for travel companies, you can capture insight into how your business can improve and capitalize on customer exchanges.

1. Optimize Marketing Strategies

Voice analysis will allow your hospitality call center to gather and segment customer feedback regarding your marketing campaigns. Analyze strategies immediately after launch and in subsequent weeks or months to gauge their success in the immediate future and as time passes. You’ll gain a complete understanding of the marketing tactics that directly lead to conversions so you can invest your capital in the methods that work, maximizing your return on investment every time.

2. Convert Callers to Customers

With travel company voice analytics software, you’ll gather information from every interaction a particular buyer has with your company, from phone calls to social media messages and everywhere in between. You’ll have information to map out the customer journey and determine the steps along the way that frequently result in conversions.

Our AI-powered software will help your contact center capitalize on the most-fruitful selling junctures by highlighting words or phrases that indicate high conversion potential and sending useful information to agents during crucial moments.

3. Develop New Offerings

When potential or former customers contact your call center, they may divulge information that can help you determine why they might consider or switch to your competitors. Do other companies make more attractive offers? Do they more effectively meet your customers’ needs?

Voice analytics software will help you answer revealing questions and adjust your offerings to compete with other businesses in the travel industry. You may even discover unmet needs that lead to profitable innovations.

4. Ensure Customer Privacy

Data breaches can have disastrous effects, and customers often take the brunt of the impact. States and other entities regulate data collection in different ways and fine offenders for failure to comply. VoiceBase software will ensure your business’s adherence to all relevant standards by redacting sensitive information like card numbers, Social Security numbers and more so your company can confidently navigate the increasingly digital marketplace.

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Like companies in any industry, hospitality businesses can gain a lot of actionable information from their call center interactions. To learn more about the benefits of speech analytics for travel companies, reach out to the VoiceBase team today!