Predictive Voice Analytics

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Quality data about your customers allows your business to make the most informed decisions and implement effective marketing strategies. Because predictive voice analytics software can collect massive amounts of auditory data, it’s an important tool for call centers. Your customer service center may field hundreds to thousands of calls a day, and those recordings have actionable data. At VoiceBase, we develop predictive voice analytics software for call centers based on your business’s specific needs. 

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How Does Predictive Voice Analytics Work?

Predictive voice analytics software records calls to your customer service lines and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to gather information from the customer. This information includes the call’s content, which the software listens to and transcribes into text, and other verbal communication elements that dictate meaning and provide insight into a customer’s feelings. 

A customer may outwardly express how they feel about a product, but they often make their emotions known in the way they speak. Voice analytics software can listen for emotion and create groups based on high volumes of calls. Predictive voice analytics programs listen for several verbal queues:

  • Resonance:¬†Does the customer noticeably change the amplitude of their voice? Such changes may reflect their interest level in your company.¬†
  • Tone: Does the customer seem excited about their recent purchase, or are they frustrated with a disappointing defect?
  • Pitch: Does the customer alter their vocal pitch?Fluctuations can signal their attitude regarding your products, services or call agents.¬†
  • Speech patterns:¬†How confidently does the customer speak? Do they stop to think about a particular discussion point or emphasize specific phrases? Pauses, inflections and other speech patterns can mark key decision points in a customer service call.¬†

How Can Call Centers Use Predictive Voice Analytics?

Voice analytics predictive software from VoiceBase makes it easy to aggregate and interpret insightful customer service data. Your call center can benefit from various speech analytics features.

  • Ranks the callers most likely to make a purchase: Find common themes between the customers who buy and those who don’t so you can target your advertising campaigns accordingly.¬†
  • Improves cold calling and follow-ups: Information on the customers most likely to make a purchase can help you narrow down your cold calls to the most viable leads. After your initial call, attend to potential customers who need more convincing or those likely to purchase if presented with the information a second time.¬†
  • Ensures full payment:¬†Use speech analytics to find common links between delinquent accounts to make the most of your collection calls. Prioritize your call order with knowledge of those unlikely to pay right away. Call transcripts also ensure that you gather the correct payment information.¬†
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  • Capitalizes on upsell probability:¬†Determine customer groups likely to purchase your upsell products and develop strategies to capitalize on the opportunity.¬†
  • Improves customer service center success:¬†Discover the customers most likely to spend money or end their relationship with your company and match them with agents best suited for the context. You can also monitor agent performance to reward successful team members and pinpoint learning opportunities for low-performing individuals.¬†

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