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If your business is looking to drive sales in today’s market, you need to implement the most advanced solutions to help target the right audiences, meet those individuals’ needs and optimize customer service performance. Modern technological advances have increased the level of specificity with which you can gather and analyze vital information, as well as the ease with which analysts can aggregate data. Contact center speech analysis is a new way to drive sales and cut costs. 

Call center speech analysis is a proven modern technique used to gather the most relevant data that allows you to make more accurate predictions and implement the most effective solutions. VoiceBase is a leading contact center software developer committed to providing businesses with the products they need to gather actionable data and drive sales. When you integrate our call center speech analytics into your workflow, your business can see incredible benefits that will give you an edge over your competitors. 

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Why Implement Call Center Speech Analytics?

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Harness the Power of NLP

With contact center software from VoiceBase, you can gather information regarding your customers’ exact needs and the effectiveness of programs instituted to meet them. 

Using the latest voice recognition tools such as natural language procession (NLP), machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), VoiceBase’s software converts auditory information gathered from customer service phone calls into useful data. This information allows you to monitor customer satisfaction and employee performance, as well as popular market trends and services offered by competitors. 

Unlock the Voice of Your Customer

VoiceBase’s software categorizes audio information for easy data interpretation and application. Call center speech analytics also open doors to several benefits, including: 

  • Improved customer service: Offer enhanced quality assurance by monitoring your call center agents. See which employees stick to your script and any staff members that have room for improvement. With more information at your disposal, you can build a stronger customer service team.

  • Increased customer retention: Gather information on the reasons your customers stay with your company and why former customers left. This gives you a better idea of what offerings are successful. You can also discover if your competitors offer services that pull your customers away and close the gap. 

  • Optimized marketing strategies: With a greater understanding of which strategies are successful, you can improve your marketing department. Provide your marketing team with more information on your customers and their needs to develop campaigns that speak to customers more directly. 

Speech Analysis Software from VoiceBase

You can drive sales with an intuitive and user-friendly voice analytics software from VoiceBase. We offer competitive rates on top-performing analytics programs and contact center solutions tailored to your business. Choose from Enterprise Accelerator, VoiceBase Online or Developer Application Programming Interface (API) for convenient software that meets your needs. 

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