Accelerate Time-to-Value With Predictive Analytics

by Alissa Pagels-Minor

Lowering operational costs and improving return-on-investments (ROI) are top of mind for most enterprises with a contact center. Historically, accessing the wealth of customer interaction data resulting from customer interactions across the entire organization has been a challenge.

Thousands of calls, messages, chats, and emails flow through the typical contact center and hold thousands of data points about customers, operations, and hidden insights. With Predictive Analytics, your organization can overcome data access challenges and reach valuable levels of knowledge.

The Challenge In Accessing Powerful Data

Accessing this data results in valuable insights, however, legacy call recording solutions make it difficult to access those conversations for analytics purposes. Manually listening to calls one by one is extremely expensive, time consuming, and leaves room for human error. 

Siloed departments limit the access to voice analytics data. And on top of those hurdles, customer data security is more important than ever, meaning data management becomes a bit more difficult. 

Automating Manual Processes with Speech Analytics

The quickest road toward change a contact center can take is often within their call monitoring and compliance methods. Rather than tasking workforce management or team leads with manually listening and scoring calls, this is a process to delegate to the machines through artificial intelligence. 100% of all calls and text interactions within a contact center can be instantly ingested, tagged, scored, and categorized, resulting in a secure, searchable archive that is easily accessible to agents, managers, and the full business suite. With flexible, cloud-based solutions like VoiceBase, rich call metrics are immediately at the fingertips of not only the contact center staff, but also the analysts, C-suite, and relevant stakeholders as needed. 

The quickest road toward change a contact center. can take is often within their call monitoring and compliance methods.

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Transform Your Customer Experience With Predictive Analytics

What if you could predict when a customer was likely to churn before they cancel service? Leveraging artificial intelligence means you can setup custom predictors to detect and alert your team about key customer behavior points. Uniquely tailored learning models are even able  to detect potential fraud based on a set of indicators used to build a custom machine learning model. You could even train a model to predict the likelihood that a potential customer will make a purchase

Natural Language Processing and Business Intelligence

“33 percent of organizations expect natural language query and natural language generation to be standard capabilities in business intelligence software shortly,” writes Timothy King from Solutions Review. How can your organization have true visibility for business intelligence needs, without access to customer-centric data? Natural language processing (NLP) allows organizations to fulfill deeper scrutiny of customer contact. From sentiment analysis, to keyword and context tracking of conversations, you can break down the relationship between different data sets and glean game-changing insights to power business transformation.

At VoiceBase, we utilize the power of NLP and predictive analytics to easily manipulate both call and text interaction data right within your business intelligence tool, such as Tableau. View macro trends, or drill down into individual calls right within the dashboard. To get your own custom demo, and proof of concept for your business case, get in touch with one of our experts.

Download our speech analytics playbook

Want to learn how you can get started leveraging predictive analytics within your contact center? Get the inside scoop on how the most innovative enterprises are leveraging speech analytics across their entire organization to drive transformational change. 

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