Increase Sales with voice analytics

Optimize sales for max roi

Sell. Analyze. Repeat.

VoiceBase empowers sales organizations to detect and understand exactly what is working in sales calls – and what’s not. Our proprietary machine learning algorithms are fine-tuned to measure emotion, keywords, and sales signals. With the power of voice analytics, sales teams can optimize techniques, spot weaknesses, and bring in more revenue. 

Turn Objections Into Successful Sales

Identify what techniques overcome sales objections and use that knowledge to arm your sales reps with the tools to succeed.

Learn What Works

Automatically detect which calls don’t result in successful sales, and then drill into those and analyze call drivers, keywords, and topics to improve and optimize your entire sales process. 

Multiply Your Most Successful Agents

Develop Top Agent Modeling

Get a holistic view of your sales team effectiveness, and where to focus improvement efforts. Speech analytics provides a way to easily model the ideal agent profile.

Educate and Enhance Agent Training

Apply insights from your call & interaction data to your sales enablement and training programs to improve effectiveness and boost earnings.

Take Advantage of Competitive Intelligence

Understand Specific Market Opportunities

Get the tools you need to analyze your competitive landscape and find new market opportunities.

Discover Your Unique Value Proposition

Learn what your most valuable customers want and need and focus your efforts to reach those goals. 

Get the leads that matter most

Close Valuable Opportunities Efficiently

Every minute counts. Use powerful insights to close the most valuable opportunities efficiently. Focus on ROI and increasing sales.

Unveil Upsell and Cross-Sell Opportunities

Analyze customer conversations to predict which customers will be most responsive to cross-selling. Identify when an agent should implement upselling opportunities during an interaction. 

VoiceBase Insights

Design dashboards to view your agent interactions in every conversation.

Custom and out-of-the-box dashboards

Get the full view of your sales activity all in one place with dashboards


  • Call Flow Optimization
  • Agent Scorecards
  • Sales Optimization

Dashboard features

Actionable insights to improve agent behavior and increase sales


  • Analyze the flow of your conversations to see when and how well your agents are selling to customers in an effective manner
  • Track agent behavior and see exactly how their actions correlate to sales closing or not closing
  • Identify which agents are successful in handling objections and introducing upsell and cross-sell opportunities

Sales Optimization for Increased Monthly Revenue

With VoiceBase, Proactive Dealer Solutions revved up their dealership sales – over $100K /month! Watch this case study video to learn how phone call analytics were the driving force for this sales organization.

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Voice Analytics for Sales Optimization Case Study

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Female presenting VoiceBase call flow dashboard in meeting

Breaking the silo; connecting the data between sales, service & marketing


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