Customer-Centric data for marketing

Data to drive your decisions

infuse your analytics with the True Voice of the Customer

Monitor Brand Health

Monitor Conversations for Trends and Patterns

Uncover trends and patterns within customer conversations for unmatched insight into your brand’s market share.

Customer Brand Feedback

Listen to what your customers truly want, need, and dislike. No need to depend on unreliable surveys – get 100% sentiment score from every single call. 

voice of the customer viz

Voice Analytics for Marketing Insights

Score leads

Qualify leads quickly with predictive analytics to make better decisions to ramp up sales.

Make efficient decisions

Save money and time by automatically tracking campaign performance. Focus on the leads that matter the most, and the campaigns that perform best.

Learn which click-to-call campaigns are performing best and optimize spend behind those campaigns for increased traction.


Lead Attribution

Source Attribution for Contact Center Calls

Which digital ad is driving the most calls? Which Campaign is performing the best in terms of sales? Dig into the details with voice analytics technolgy.

Expand Understanding of Your Brand’s Audience 

Learn what your customers want, need, and request when they call in to support lines.  Once you are connected to the voice of the customer, you can transform your offerings. 

Organic Product Feeback

Harness the True Voice of the Customer

Voice analytics not only shows you the words that customers are using but the emotions behind them too. This “true voice of the customer” is truly the only way to really understand how your customers feel about your products. 

Beyond market research

Tap into how your customers feel about your products and services. Gather organic feedback directly from customer interactions. 

Voicebase Insights

Custom dashboards to analyze every customer + brand interaction.

Dashboards and Reports

See exactly how your marketing efforts are affecting customer conversations.

  • Brand Health
  • Marketing Validation
  • Call Drivers

Custom and Flexible

Leverage pre-built dashboards specifically curated to bring your marketing insights and customize them further to fit your business. 


  • Measure your brand health as it comes up during all of your interactions
  • See how well your marketing campaigns are directly affecting sales
  • Analyze the campaigns and promotions that are causing customers to interact with your business the most


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