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Improve CX and Sales with Call Analytics

When customers have questions about your products, returns, or promotions, your call center is there to provide as much information as they can. But during each conversation, your agents also have an opportunity to gain valuable information about your customers and market, or even close a significant sale. Actionable customer information drives sales, and modern AI-powered technology can empower any business to boost performance. 

At VoiceBase, we specialize in developing software tailored precisely for your needs to help your business grow. Our retail store contact center voice analytics programs pull insightful information from every conversation and present it in an easy-to-use digital interface. Work with VoiceBase to benefit from the most effective retail customer speech analytics software on the market. 

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What Is Voice Analytics? 

CX Sentiment Analysis

Voice analytics is the process of recording call center conversations, transcribing them to text and analyzing the transcripts for useful information. AI makes it possible to transcribe and analyze massive volumes of conversations faster than ever. VoiceBase software is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to search for keywords or common themes and share results with your staff across platforms. 

Speech analytics software unveils a lot of useful information that any retail team can use to develop new products, evaluate strategies, improve performance and more, including: 

  • Demographic information.
  • Geographic location.
  • Stage in the buying funnel.
  • Likelihood of purchasing.
  • Common customer questions or topics.
  • Sales agent script adherence.
  • Whether an agent closed a sale.

How Voice Analytics Can Impact Retail Store Call Centers

With searchable transcripts and recorded call center conversations, retail businesses can make informed plans for their future and capitalize on sales opportunities. Use retail customer speech analytics to:

  • Enhance website design: Online shopping is here to stay, so maintaining a fully functional, user-friendly website is essential for any retail store. Use customer conversation data to pinpoint areas in which you can improve your website’s layout to streamline the buying process. Ask your customers what they like about your site or listen to their suggestions for updates.
  • Ensure marketing ROI: Call center conversations can tell you which customers are most likely to buy and which marketing campaigns successfully reach them. Customer data can help your business narrow its marketing approach to the most successful tactics, ensuring that you get maximum return on your advertising investment. 
  • Track call motive: Learn the most common factors that motivate your customers to call your support line or make a purchase. Has a particular sales or marketing campaign been successful? Is your new product line catching customers’ attention?
  • Improve employee performance: Tracking call center conversations also tells you which employees adhere to their script and successfully convert leads or resolve issues. Reward your top-performing agents and find teaching opportunities for others.
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  • Increase customer satisfaction: With better customer data, your software will match consumers with the agent best suited for their personality and reason for calling, allowing your call center to minimize wait time and increase efficiency. Speech analytics can make a significant improvement in the retail customer experience while also providing data that furthers business growth.
  • Generate sales: Speech analytics allows retailers to analyze the buying process to determine the most likely buyers and find the most potent selling junctures in a conversation. 

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Contact VoiceBase to Benefit From Retail Customer Speech Analytics

Backed with voice analytics technology, retail stores can improve their operations and drive sales at higher rates. To learn more about how call center voice analytics can benefit your retail store, get in touch with VoiceBase today!