Turn Your Calls Into Actionable Intelligence

VoiceBase solutions are designed with open data architecture in mind so that every department can benefit from rich call analytics and any application can leverage powerful speech analytics insights. For most, speech recognition is a means to an end. We created VoiceBase Speech Analytics with a revolutionary query and categorization solution, so that now analysts can inspect calls with previously unattainable granularity and visualize those results using their existing BI tools, such as Tableau.

True Voice of the Customer Viz

Harness the power of speech analytics to monitor your Brand Health, Competitive mentions, and the Customer Journey through the web, phone and store! Visualize call data like customer sentiment, product feedback, website confusion, or FAQs!

Visualize your Speech Analytics Data

VoiceBase is bringing speech analytics expertise from the contact center to the sales and marketing department by unlocking the true voice of the customer. With flexible APIs streaming speech analytics results directly into a customer’s data lake and BI tool, enterprises are harnessing campaign analytics, improving website self-service functionality and identifying sales optimization techniques.

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VoiceBase Announces Strategic Partnership with Tableau

Visualizing voice data in Tableau empowers every department to make strategic business decisions around the True Voice of the Customer.

What is AI-powered Speech Analytics?

Defining the next generation of enterprise communication through AI-powered speech analytics. Everything we do is built with artificial intelligence, what will you detect in your sales and service calls?

Discover Big Voice Intelligence

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