Predictive Analytics

Measure and predict customer activity

Detect Complex events in your contact center interactions and predict future behavior with precision and accuracy. VoiceBase AI uses machine learning and natural language processing to train predictive models from custom pre-tagged call data. 


Detect Events

We use previous call data to predict future events. Our custom or pre-built predictive models are used on current data to predict what will happen next in a call or suggest an action to take for the best outcome.

Variables we measure

Our predictive models can measure the overall use of vocabulary, clusters of words, speed of talking, energy, pitch, tone, words spoken and not spoken, words in relation to others and metadata.

Build a custom Model

Every customer or industry is looking to unveil different information in their business’s conversations. We can help you identify what you would like to predict and train a custom model for your specific use case.

Predict your customers’ next action


By leveraging predictive models we can help you identify if your customer is going to purchase another item, cancel their account or refer a friend. Visualize the results quickly to take the next best action and optimize your customer experience.

Predictive Models

Finely tuned predictive analytics to detect complex events and the likelihood of future customer behavior.

Payment Card Information

Train models to accurately detect  complex sensitive information such as PCI, PII and SSN and redact the personal data automatically from the transcript.

Hot leads

Identify when a hot lead is detected because the likelihood of a successful outcome (revenue) is likely. Score leads to determine which prospects you need to call back first.

Up-sell probability

Discover which products you can up-sell to a prospect or customer to help you increase your up-sell rate by identifying which callers are highly likely to buy more products/services.

Potential churn

Accurately predict if a customer is likely to cancel before they actually do. Giving you time to prioritize your follow-ups, preserve revenue and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Lead conversion

Detect when a transaction occurs or when an appointment has been made with a prospect. The benefit is that you can rapidly measure conversion rates by agent, geography or time. 

Caller intent

Predict future customer behavior to reduce the cost-to-serve. Identify high-risk customers, and take proactive measures to maintain them, which will drive customer profitability. 


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