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VoiceBase Online was built with Tableau Embedded Analytics and VoiceBase’s award winning speech analytics capabilities for contact center managers focused on improving customer experience, lowering operating costs, growing sales and ensuring agent compliance.


One Solution.

voicebase online app

Comprehensive analytics for contact center optimization and operations.

  • End-to-End solution for agent scoring & voice of the customer needs
  • No IT resources needed
  • Click through integrations for Genesys Pure Cloud, Amazon Connect and S3 storage


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Connect, Configure and Access Analytics

All of the flexible and robust speech-to-text and speech analytics features from our industry leading API, at your fingertips online.

  • Custom Vocabulary
  • Conversation Metrics
  • VoiceBase Query Language (VBQL)
  • PCI/PII/SSN Redaction
  • Predictive Model Builder

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