VoiceBase Online

A fully-hosted turnkey cloud application for contact center voice analytics.

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VoiceBase Online provides contact centers a fully-hosted application for optimizing operations and extracting customer interaction analytics.

QA All Agent Activity

Analyze 100% of your agent-customer conversations. Easy integrations for Genesys Pure Cloud, Amazon Connect, and S3 Storage. 

Fully Hosted Analytics

VoiceBase hosts the analytics database for you and provides optimized query schemas, data transformations, and front-end visual analytics. 

One App for Everything

Your results automatically populate the online application as conversations are completed for a full view of contact center activity

Log in. Get insights. It’s that simple. 

The voice analytics solution your contact center has always wanted. VoiceBase’s fully-hosted cloud application enables rapid time-to-value for organizations and their voice of the customer analytics by providing data dashboards and agent scorecards.

Contact Center Optimization

VoiceBase Online was built for contact center managers focused on improving customer experience, lowering operating costs, growing sales, and ensuring agent compliance.

Assess Agent Performance

    Scorecards provide tailored feedback to coach call center agents towards success. Post-call analytics delivered instantly to your screen. Supervisors can configure performance KPIs for agent scoring. 

    Manage Call Center Operations

      Get a full view of your contact center operations at once. Access the customer admin portal to adjust the results you receive by activating specific categories. Set and manage the KPIs that assess agent performance.

      Voice of the Customer Insights

      Listen to everything your customers are saying and leverage that knowledge to improve sales, enhance service, validate marketing, and perfect your customer experience.

      Uncover new call trends

      Measure CSAT and NPS across all calls 

      Understand customer sentiment

      Perform call flow analysis

      Manage conversations seamlessly using one application

      All of the flexible and robust speech-to-text and speech analytics features from our industry-leading analytics platform at your fingertips online.


      Automatically transcribe recordings with natural language processing (NLP).

      VoiceBase Categories

       Analyze, inspect and categorize calls with our industry-leading  query solution.

      PCI/PII Redaction

      Automatically detect and redact sensitive data PCI / PII data from the audio and transcript.


      Detect and predict complex behavior with high accuracy using machine learning.

      Conversation Metrics

      Includes 40 paralinguistic acoustic metrics such as silence, overtalk, dynamism & sentiment.

      Text Analytics

      Analyze chat, email, CRM, and support data for a complete view of customer interactions.

      VoiceBase Online Application

      Want to optimize call center operations? Learn more about how you can access the power of VoiceBase voice analytics paired with the convenience of a cloud application.