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Technology is changing, and vast improvements every year make it easier for businesses to learn about their market and customers and improve their internal operations. Today, text analytics software is on the rise, and more businesses are using it to aggregate actionable data and drive sales. It’s essential to integrate the technology into your workflow, and one of the best places to implement text analytics technology is your call center. 

Businesses of any size can trust VoiceBase as a text analytics company that provides effective solutions. When you work with us, we cater a text analytics software application to your business’s exact needs, enabling you to meet the changing technological landscape with confidence. With call center text analytics, your business can uncover new paths to substantial growth. 

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What Is Text Analytics Software?

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Text analysis speeds up information processing by digitally extracting useful information from large bodies of text, even unstructured pages that would take humans a long time to interpret. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) improvements, text analytics software can perform these tasks almost instantaneously. 

Text analytics software conducts the following processes: 

  • Text identification and categorization: Reading the text and extracting key concepts
  • Content analysis: Determining meaning from mass amounts of related content
  • Visualization: Presenting the data in a digestible format

Text analytics allows businesses to gather as much information as possible in the smallest amount of time to make well-informed decisions quickly. Use this technique to analyze large quantities of emails, online reviews, call center transcripts and survey results.

How Can Text Analytics Benefit Call Centers? 

Text analytics can provide numerous benefits to your call center and improve your entire business’s operation. By identifying patterns and trends faster than ever, you can experience the following:

  • Improved customer satisfaction: Text analytics AI can work in conjunction with voice analytics to match customers with the agent best suited to solve their problem and pull up useful information relevant to their issue. This way, your staff can provide the fastest, most-effective solution to any problem. 
  • Expedited customer service: With better information on the most common reasons for your customers’ calls, your call center can be more prepared to provide a fast solution that satisfies the customer. This way, your agents move more quickly from one call to the next, increasing efficiency and decreasing wait times.
  • Boosted employee productivity and performance: Management can track each call to check that every employee sticks to their script and handles the call as effectively as possible. You can reward the employees who perform well while finding teaching opportunities for low-performing agents. 

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Get Started With Text Analytics Through VoiceBase 

Your call center’s staff members are the prime mediators between your company and its customers. Thanks to text analytics software, it’s easier than ever to collect useful data to improve your call center and ensure a positive relationship with your customer base. To learn more about how our text analytics software company can benefit your business, get in touch with VoiceBase today.