Conversational Intelligence

Extract actionable intelligence from every call

We make recorded content discoverable through Knowledge Extraction. VoiceBase automatically extracts keywords and generates overall topics from audio and video recordings to provide automatic notes which can be scanned, or used to drill-down into content.

Flag Keywords

Spot specific keywords, such as product or competitor names and flag banned language in your calls to quickly monitor agent behavior.

Call Summaries

Summarize calls by topics and keywords for management to easily review or escalate critical events at scale.

Track Trends

Scan 100% of your calls to see how your agents are performing and your customer experience is changing day over day, month over month.

Visualize the words and phrases your customers are mentioning the most

Stop wasting time listening and reading through call transcripts. Automatically visualize the words and phrases your customers are mentioning the most. Correlate these words with additional call analytics using the BI tool of your choice to improve the efficiency in your call center.

Use cases

Make customer interactions discoverable by leveraging the power of AI. Summarize conversations, escalate critical events and track customer experience trends through the change in speech patterns.

Voice of the Customer 

Listen to your business’ everyday interactions to improve your customer experience (CX). Understand your customer’s journey, monitor competitive mentions and identify brand advocates.

Agent quality monitoring

Flag all calls where an agent missed mandatory phrases or used banned terms such as “no contract.” To reduce negative call interactions, properly train agents by educating them and providing scripts.

Brand health

Perception is everything, and it can change in an instant. Keep your finger on the pulse of your brand by listening to your customers and monitoring conversations for trends, patterns and new insights.


Download the Speech Analytics Playbook for a guide on implementing speech analytics successfully within your Enterprise organization.