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The telecommunications business is a fast-paced and ever-changing industry full of tough competitors. With so many companies vying for the same market segment, it becomes increasingly important to arm your business with information on its customers and the market as a whole. 

Keeping up with the latest data collection and aggregation techniques will propel your telecommunications company above the rest, and your call center is one of the best sources for actionable information. New technology, like voice analytics software, makes it easier than ever to gather useful data from your customer-agent interactions. 

At VoiceBase, we specialize in speech analytics for telecommunications company call centers. We’ll tailor a software package to your business’s exact needs so you can make fast, highly informed decisions based on the interaction data gathered directly from your customers. 

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How Does Call Center Analytics Software Work? 

VoiceBase makes it easy to integrate voice analytics for telecommunications company call centers. First, voice analytics software processes recorded calls from your contact center. Then, using AI-based speech engines, we develop a transcript detailing every word exchanged between your customer and the call center agent. It will then analyze that transcript and compare it with all of your other calls to pinpoint common themes, keywords and discussion points that indicate a problem or lead to a conversion. 

Thousands of customer-centric data points are extracted from your call files and then enriched with paralinguistic data such as sentiment, tone, and agent overtalk. 

This software accomplishes all this in mere moments, and provides customized, useful business intelligence dashboards for your teams to view the reporting data. With details 100% of customer calls at your disposal, your management team can make fast, informed decisions when planning for your company’s future. 

How Can Speech Analytics Benefit Telecommunications Company Call Centers? 

Voice analytics makes it possible for telecom companies to gather more actionable information in less time. Make better decisions and see unprecedented growth with AI-powered technology at your back. Speech analytics technology will help your business:

  • Drive sales: With loads of accurate customer information at your disposal, your business will determine the most potent junctures in the buying funnel and pinpoint the most effective marketing campaigns. Use this information to make the most of your budget by emphasizing the tactics and moments most likely to lead to conversion.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction: Speech analytics software will pick up on common problems your customers experience so you can provide fast solutions and expedite calls. You may also pick up on products or services offered by your competitors or entirely missing from the market so your business can make adjustments and satisfy more customers’ needs.
  • Enhance call center agent performance: Use transcripts to evaluate your customer service agents. You’ll find opportunities to reward successful employees and locate teaching moments for struggling members of the team. What’s more, you’ll learn which employees most effectively handle different situations so you can match callers with the agent most likely to make a conversion.
  • Ensure compliance: With an increased emphasis on digitally communicating information comes the heightened risk of data breaches. VoiceBase software will ensure your call center complies with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and other regulating bodies that seek to protect customer information like card numbers, Social Security numbers and more.
executive guide to call center compliance

Our voice analytics technology empowers many of the Fortune 500 Telco providers with insights into the market, their consumer base, and operations. 

Our most popular use case, however, is PCI Redaction to help telecommunications call center maintain compliance requirements. 

Read the guide to call center compliance to learn how we help telecom brands protect customer data and automate the PCI redaction process, and how much non-compliance can cost.  

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In any industry that revolves around customer interactions, backing your call center with voice analytics technology can improve efficiency and boost sales numbers. To learn more about how our software can benefit your telecommunications company, reach out to a VoiceBase expert today!