Enterprise Speech Analytics 

Measure and manage 100% of Calls

Our AI-powered speech analytics help people process, measure and understand voice data from call center recordings and conversations. 

Our customers use our technology to improve customer service, optimize sales, and more. Our revolutionary solutions allow for flexible scorecards, reports, dashboards, and integrations. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, VoiceBase provides instant results to your business.


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Conversation Metrics

Pre-made calculations to instantly enable call scoring.

  • Overtalk
  • Talk Time
  • Silence
  • Sentiment
  • Speaker Ratio

Complex Categories

Build custom categories with the VoiceBase Query Language (VBQL) to better analyze call & conversation data.

  • Proper Agent Greeting
  • Buyer Confusion
  • Likely to Cancel
  • Fraud Detection
  • Auto-NPS Score

Analyst Workbench

Use the Analyst Workbench to leverage the power of VoiceBase Query Language to define categories.

  • Competitor Mentions
  • Brand Mentions
  • Appointment Made
  • Call Drivers
  • Product Feedback


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Open architecture for any ANALYTICS SETUP

Access speech analytics within your business intelligence tool of choice. Conversational intelligence is accessible and scaleable with our open architecture and flexible framework. Get the value out of your voice data and into your reports for instant insights across your organization.


Use Speech Analytics to Better Understand Your Customers & Business

Agent Quality Monitoring 

Automate quality assurance and scorecards in your call center.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand customer opinions on products, brands, and services.

Call Drivers

Analyze all calls to know why your customers are calling.

First Call Resolution

Measure and optimize FCR to improve operational efficiency. 

Talk and silence analysis

Identify calls that contain segments of silence or over-talk.

Customer Journey

Connect the dots and map your customer journey. 


Download the Speech Analytics Playbook for a guide on implementing speech analytics successfully within your Enterprise organization.