VoiceBase Speech Analytics

Query and categorize calls at scale.

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We created VoiceBase’s Speech analytics as a revolutionary query and categorization solution to help organizations build scorecards, reports, dashboards and KPIs. We designed our speech analytics feature to work with imperfect transcripts and poor audio quality to optimize for real-world results.

Conversation Metrics

Simple but powerful off-the-shelf calculations instantly enable effective monitoring of agent & call behavior.

  • Overtalk
  • Talk Time
  • Silence
  • Sentiment
  • Speaker Ratio

Complex Categories

Build custom categories with the VoiceBase Query Language (VBQL) to better analyze call & conversation data.

  • Proper Agent Greeting
  • Buyer Confusion
  • Likely to Cancel
  • Fraud Detection
  • Auto-NPS Score

Analyst Workbench

Use the Analyst Workbench to leverage the power of VoiceBase Query Language to define categories.

  • Competitor Mentions
  • Brand Mentions
  • Appointment Made
  • Call Drivers
  • Product Feedback


Call Summary dashboard Abstract Image

Open architecture for any bi tool

Build with us to analyze 100% of your customers’ conversations. Visualize your analytics for each use case in one dashboard. 


Simple and complex analysis for any use case.

Agent Quality Monitoring 

Monitor agent interactions to rank your highest and lowest performing agents. 

Sentiment analysis

Understand customers attitudes towards products, brands and services.

Call drivers

Analyze all calls to know why your customers are calling.

First call resolution

Resolve customer questions, problems or needs with no follow-up required.

Talk and silence analysis

Identify calls that contain segments of silence or over-talk.

Customer journey

Recognize the path a customer takes while interacting with your business. 


Download the Speech Analytics Playbook for a guide on implementing speech analytics successfully within your Enterprise organization.