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A dedicated workforce is the backbone of any successful company, no matter the industry. Workforce engagement is a concept that uses both qualitative and quantitative data to measure the levels of satisfaction and dedication employees feel toward your company. 

For call centers, workforce engagement software is especially important. Your staff serves on the front lines, mediating the relationship between your company and customers.¬†Workforce engagement software consists of various tools to improve your staff’s commitment to their jobs.¬†

At VoiceBase, we specialize in providing workforce engagement software solutions that help businesses understand their market and plan for their future with actionable data. 

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Why Does Workforce Engagement Matter? 

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Your call center employees are responsible for bringing your brand identity to life through customer interactions. A staff full of motivated and engaged employees can produce better results both immediately and in the long term. Prioritize workforce engagement to:

  • Reduce turnover.¬†When you treat your employees like they are essential parts of your company, they’re more likely to stay. Reduced turnover means you retain skilled workers who understand your company and are committed to furthering your goals. Spend your time improving dedicated staff members’ skills rather than constantly getting new employees up to speed.¬†
  • Increase productivity.¬†An engaged worker sees how they can benefit from your company’s growth, so they often work harder and produce at higher levels. Management can boost employee productivity by commending staff for hard work.
  • Innovate your field.¬†Employees who spend more time with a company and are motivated to work harder can master their industry and notice areas for improvement. An entire workforce of engaged individuals can unlock amazing innovations to help push your company above the competition.¬†
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What Does Workforce Engagement Software Entail? 

Companies should implement strategies that help them make the most of the information they gather. Well-designed workforce engagement software consists of the following components. 

Growth Management

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With actionable information at your disposal, employee engagement software includes tools to help you develop plans and implement strategies to see improved workforce engagement.

  • Achievements and gamification: Reward employees for their participation and make the process engaging. 
  • Long-term progress reports: Track engagement levels and monitor growth over time. 
  • Employer gratitude: Send messages and give awards to thank employees for their participation, making them feel like a vital part of the team. 


Another key element to workforce engagement is the element of surveys. Our software allows companies to collect employee feedback and sentiment automatically to easily get survey-like feedback without requiring individuals to complete surveys. This can simplify your process and give you more insights into your employees which will improve your company performance. 

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