Healthcare Contact Center Analytics

Track Patient Trends and Care Quality

Healthcare providers depend on insightful information to cut costs and ensure they provide quality customer care. When patients need assistance or are interested in working with your medical facility, contacting your call center is always one of their first steps. There’s a lot of useful information to gain from your contact center interactions, and modern technology makes it easier than ever to gather and interpret high volumes of patient data from tele-health apps, call recordings, and chat conversation text.
At VoiceBase, we develop the technology medical facilities need to learn and grow. With healthcare contact center voice analytics software, your practice will find new opportunities to improve its quality of care while saving money.
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The Processes Involved in Call Center Analytics

As a healthcare facility manager, you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate. Voice analytics software makes it easy to gather actionable information on your patients from call center interactions. The process is simple — our software will record conversations between callers and agents and create a transcript for every exchange. The software will analyze each transcript to find common themes, frequently asked questions and keywords appearing across conversations.
With information from hundreds of customer calls at your disposal, your software will make it easy to search for trends, create easy-to-interpret graphics and share information across platforms. Your team will have fast access to useful information, making it easier than ever to develop effective plans for your future.

Benefits of Using Speech Analytics in a Healthcare Contact Center

Voice analytics technology can provide tremendous benefits to healthcare organizations, helping them ensure and expand their ability to care for patients. Record and analyze healthcare call center interactions to:
  • Ensure each patient is on the path to recovery: Voice analytics software will pinpoint keywords and phrases that signal a patient is recovering well or provide an alert when a caller needs further attention. With speech analytics technology, your team will catch warning signs that help them save lives.
  • Retain patient trust: Providing effective care is the primary focus of any medical facility, but healthcare is still a business. The most successful businesses maintain a steady flow of returning customers, and for healthcare facilities, quality care solidifies your customer base. Effectively healing patients will ensure they come to you for their healthcare needs.
  • Train agents for the healthcare industry: When working in healthcare, there’s a lot of specific knowledge for call center agents to understand. Voice analytics software will allow call centers to gather information from various cases to ensure your agents are prepared for any scenario. Ensure your agents’ success by backing them with AI that will listen for warning signs and pull up useful information or recommend next steps.
  • Regulatory compliance: From state to state, various regulating bodies enforce policies that seek to protect patients’ sensitive health and payment information. VoiceBase software will work with your call center and collect useful patient information and will securely store patient information provided to VoiceBase, including by redacting and encrypting data.
  • Save money: Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), speech analytics software can gather and present more actionable data in less time than a human worker. Limit your staff and save money by delegating data-aggregation responsibilities to a reliable voice analysis program. You’ll also learn your customers’ perspectives on your entire operation, allowing you to pinpoint more areas where your healthcare facility can reduce spending.
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