Voicebase for pci redaction

Instantly redact sensitive data

from audio files and transcripts.

scrub my pciapi access

maintain compliance and mitigate risk

Automatically remove PCI, PII and SSN data to protect your customer’s sensitive information.

Discover how businesses use voicebase to secure customer data

PCI Certification

Detection & Redaction

PCI DSS Level 1 Certification


The VoiceBase API Platform is PCI DSS Level 1 Certified to store, stream and redact credit card information in all audio recordings and transcription files. We strive to provide all industries and all countries with a secure platform to safely analyze spoken customer information. 

Our platform security

VoiceBase’s platform was built with security at the forefront. Every aspect of the system and its hosting environment was designed to isolate and protect customer data.

PCI detection and redaction

How we detect PCI data

Customer interactions hold a wealth of data that everyone needs to get their hands on. However, a lot of calls have sensitive information like payment cards, social security numbers, account numbers and more. Voice analytics can be used to automatically detect exactly where this information is spoken, and redact it from the conversation before analytics are run.

How we redact PCI data

After sensitive information is detected within your voice data, it is automatically removed from the files. The data is then replaced with [REDACTED] in transcriptions and scrubbed from audio files. 

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pci Compliant voice analytics

Keep your customers’ personal data safe by ensuring that their sensitive data is being protected. Security threats are constantly changing, and our PCI certification keeps you and your customers safe from hackers.