Executive Guide To Call Center PCI Compliance
PCI Compliance and other regulations govern call centers of today - learn about the many considerations for security to keep in mind.
pci telecommunications compliance e book

Compliance for Call Centers

Your guide to call center compliance considerations including PCI / PII compliance, GDPR, and more. 

Includes case studies, checklists, and tips for call center compliance concerns. 

  • ROI of Maintaining Compliance
  • Call Center Security Concerns
  • Customer Stories

This resource is intended as a guide for executives about legal and regulatory compliance in the contact center environment with a focus on PCI Compliance. As organizations are evolving with the digital transformation wave, new sources of risk and ROI have arisen.

There are 3.4 million call center employees in the United states alone. [1] Globally, the contact center market size is expected to grow to 72.3 billion by 2027. [2] Analysts suggest that increased adoption of technology such as AI and cloud-based contact services have contributed to market growth. 44% of people surveyed in the US still prefer phone or voice as their primary customer service channel.[3] Each contact center handles an average of 160,399 transactions per week – each an opportunity for fraud and data breaches. The potential risk grows higher as more and more organizations move towards remote work. There are a number of regulations and laws governing call center activities and systems. For example, if a call center handles any payments, they must adhere to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). The Payment Card industry established strict rules around credit cards, PIN numbers, and other identifiers in 2006.