Predictive Insights and Analytics
Automated call scoring for your modern call center.

Automatically Mine Every Customer Call For Actionable Data


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With VoiceBase Predictive Insights, the potential is enormous with accessible time-saving and error-free call scoring, brought to you by artifical intelligence in your call center.

Unprecedented Intelligence

An advanced form of data mining, predictive analytics leverages machine learning to identify patterns in voice recordings, intuit a speaker’s intent, and predict a future outcome — be it a sale, account cancellation, or one of many customized “X” signals your clients might request.

Using recorded call data, VoiceBase constructs predictive models that provide the means for automated call disposition, thus eliminating the need for costly human call scoring and giving call center customers actionable insights to support their sales, marketing, and CRM initiatives — and much more.

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VoiceBase Predictive Insights leverages machine learning and neural network technology to detect patterns in voice recordings, gauge a speaker’s intent, and predict future outcomes. It’s an ideal tool for optimizing a variety of business processes, including sales and marketing, agent training, and compliance.

Learn more about leveraging call center predictive analytics in use cases like sales optimization, developing your Voice of the Customer program, and perfecting agent performance.