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VoiceBase Helps Avantive Solutions Build Stronger Brands and Improve Customer Experience by Better Understanding Customer and Agent Behavior
May 12, 2020

Advanced speech analytics platform powers top agent modeling for work-at-home agents to increase campaign performance and revenue.

VoiceBase, the leading AI-driven voice analytics company, today announced that it has partnered with Avantive Solutions’ global contact center business, to help their clients automatically identify overall agent performance to increase the effectiveness of sales and retention campaigns while providing the best customer experience.

“Being able to pinpoint the exact timing and specific verbiage used in successful conversations provides us with the data needed to help our team of agents be more productive,” said Frank Pettinato, CEO of Avantive Solutions. “VoiceBase demonstrated how we are able to score 100% of our agents’ calls to effectively coach and monitor them – especially during these times where every dollar counts,” said Pettinato.

With the VoiceBase Enterprise Accelerator, Avantive Solutions deployed voice analytics using VoiceBase Query Language (VBQL) for custom call categories to extract granular insights that are automatically visualized in Avantive Solutions’ Business Intelligence (BI) tool. The embedded VoiceBase player equips Avantive with the ability to drill down into every call to quickly validate actionable insights, within the same user interface.

“At a time when it is more important than ever to listen to customers’ concerns or challenges, we are particularly pleased that Avantive saw the value in having 100% of the calls from their Telecom customers processed and analyzed by VoiceBase,” said Jay Blazensky, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at VoiceBase.

About Avantive Solutions

Avantive Solutions, founded in 1988, is a Purpose-Driven global technology and business services company specializing in innovative customer engagement, strategic sales and robust digital marketing solutions. The Company’s Omni-Touch™ platform provides actionable insights through a proprietary stack of cloud-based analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. Avantive Solutions partners with world-respected brands including Fortune 100 companies in the fast-growing tech and communications, financial services and healthcare industries. To learn more about how Avantive Solutions is bringing purpose to customer experience, go to

About VoiceBase

VoiceBase helps people bring vision to voice. VoiceBase’s AI-driven platform allows people to quickly process speech and text data to create actionable insights. The VoiceBase platform is used by data-driven Enterprise customers eager to access their call data in their own data warehouse and then visualize it in their preferred business intelligence tool, and by developers utilizing the VoiceBase Developer API.

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VoiceBase Acquired by LivePerson

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Digitizing Voice: A Great Source OF DATA for Organizations to Tap

Digitizing Voice: A Great Source OF DATA for Organizations to Tap

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