Voice of the Customer Analytics

by Alissa Pagels-Minor

Voice of the Customer Analytics

Customer-centric data is the key to improving customer experience, brand management, and revenue.

Until now, customer-centric data from a brand’s contact center was locked away within legacy platforms, resulting in siloed data. Strategic organizations have discovered that the interactions between a business and its’ customers are a rich source of strategic insights.

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With the use of Natural Language Processing and Speech Analytics, these customer conversations can be processed and transformed into structured data formats and shared across the enterprise. These customer call metrics range from CSAT scores to Agent efficacy, and can tell you a variety of things about your campaigns, brand, and business as a whole.


Business that lead in CX outperformed others on the S&P 500 by 80%.*

Listening to the true Voice of the Customer (VOC) has never been as critical and demanding as it is today. As each consumer’s needs are different, understanding each one is vital to providing a great customer experience (CX).

Creating powerful customer experiences requires your team to track and analyze every single conversation. As a result, more and more contact centers are heavily investing in tools to monitor the Voice of the Customer to help them keep up with high demands, expectations, increase sales and customer loyalty.

With voice analytics, you can automatically, score, categorize, tag and monitor 100% of your customer interactions. Voice analytics is a smart way to learn what your customers are saying and and understand the entire ecosystem.

Successfully utilizing customer voice data can increase customer loyalty, create better products, give better service and quickly understand customer experience by utilizing customer insights that are collected from recorded calls. Not only can you listen to your customer’s wants and needs, but it is also a way to collect information about how your employees interact with customers on a day-to-day basis.

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How to extract, measure, and leverage call center data for strategic CX and Marketing Initiatives

VoiceBase is an AI-Powered Speech Analytics Company. We help businesses access and leverage voice data for insights across the enterprise with speech analytics. Using AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP), VoiceBase allows businesses to rapidly process conversational data for actionable insight in BI Tools and Dashboards. VoiceBase is used by Fortune 500 companies and SMBs across the globe to drive results and turn call centers into ROI generators for leading enterprises.

1. Businesses that lead in CX outperformed the laggards on the S&P 500 index by nearly 80%. –Watermark Consulting

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