Call Center Case Study: Improving CX and lowering costs with voice analytics

Learn how Delta Dental of Washington Improved overall AHT and optimized their call center using AI-Powered Voice Analytics from VoiceBase. 

delta dental
voicebase case study for call center analytics


  • Reducing Call Center Costs
  • Optimizing Customer Experience
  • Lowering AHT with Voice Analytics
  • Agent Coaching and Training

When starting their digital transformation strategy, Delta Dental of Washington knew they wanted to streamline their call center operations. With over 700,000 calls answered annually, call data was still categorized in spreadsheets. Agents had to manually select reasons for calls, and there were significant amounts of hold time. DDWA knew they wanted to make their call center process easier not only for customers but also for their agents.

They needed to improve efficiency throughout their call center activities to maximize ROI. By implementing VoiceBase’s Enterprise Accelerator, they are right on track to reduce talk time by 10% company-wide. AHT is a common metric to measure cost and efficiency of call center operations, so lowering that number helps achieve overall call center ROI.

“VoiceBase’s Enterprise Accelerator has helped us eliminate 6 months of IT efforts by providing a data warehouse and automatically extracting, transforming, and loading data into pre-built Tableau dashboards.”