AI-Powered Speech Analytics

Improve your call center ROI with predictive analytics powered by artificial intelligence. Download this data sheet to learn how VoiceBase speech analytics can unlock hidden value in your business with AI-Powered Speech Analytics. 

ai-powered speech analytics

Speech Analytics Platform

Learn what makes up an AI-powered speech analytics platform and how technology is leveraged to surface action intelligence from voice interactions.

The AI-Powered Speech Analytics solutions from VoiceBase provide customer insights and helps call center agents and supervisors better understand customer needs as well as call center operations. 

This infosheet outlines the Artificial Intelligence involved in VoiceBase technology and tools. 

Predictive Insights for The Enterprise

Today’s innovative enterprises are leveraging AI technology to optimize business systems. Digital transformation programs are powered by machine learning and NLP tools on an increasing basis. VoiceBase powers successful businesses with unique insight into their customer interactions. 


The human voice holds a multitude of data points. Extracting and analyzing this data can provide insights about caller sentiment, how the customer felt at the beginning vs. the end of a call, wether the issue was resolved, or even if the call resulted in a sale. This is accomplished through a variety of technology such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and custom speech models all within VoiceBase’s software. Learn about what is involved and the technology behind our products in this infosheet download.