CASE STUDY: How Avantive SOLUTIONS Increased SALES With Text and SPeech AnalYtics

Optimizing Sales and Service With AI-Powered Speech Analytics

avantive voicebase case study bpo call center

Learn how Avantive Solutions utilizes VoiceBase speech analytics for Fortune 500 brands to increase sales and optimize how calls are handled.

Top Takeaways:

  • 104% increase in sales conversions with speech analytics
  • Coaching and training insights from calls
  • Increasing efficiency within the call center

Even with top talent trained in sales, increasing call center revenue- or even maintaining it- can be an ongoing challenge. Using innovative technology such as speech analytics allows your organization to analyze and understand exactly how improvements can be made.

Speech Analytics solutions, such as VoiceBase, essentially “scan” 100% of your call recordings using a combination of AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP). The speech engine transforms audio into tagged and categorized data, which is aggregated in a dashboard or report.

These reports allow management to do spot a variety of things:

  • Top Performing Agents
  • Script Adherence %
  • Conversion Rates Based on Script
  • Coaching Opportunities
  • Potential Fraud Risks
  • Most Efficient Approaches

 Once key data points are surfaced for management teams, they are able to then coach and train the entire workforce based on their learnings, creating an ongoing cycle of iteration and improvement. 

Download the case study to learn what Avantive Solutions accomplished in their BPO call center by implementing VoiceBase’s AI-Powered Speech Analytics solutions.