Call Center Week, What’s in Your Calls?

by Emily Nave

In less than a week, the call center industry will be invading The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas for the 16th Annual Call Center Week Conference & Expo. Keynote Speakers Marriott International, Toys”R”Us and Western Union will take a deep dive into customer insights to drive a week of inspired outside the box thinking.

Speaking of thinking ‘outside the box’ – VoiceBase is excited to be exhibiting our cloud scale APIs for machine transcription, speech analytics, and predictive analytics. Stop by booth #703 to learn how keyword spotting and auto-call scoring can improve your ROI, customer experience, agent training and more. As a cloud-based solution VoiceBase is quick to integrate (via API), with no upfront cost (pay as you go) and we extract actionable insights (world’s best speech engine) that every business needs to succeed.

Customers are DEFINING THE GAME and SETTING THE VISION for SERVICE EXCELLENCE and SMART companies are answering back!

With over 2,000 customer care professionals coming together to discuss the industry’s future, this is not an event you’ll want to miss.

Want to get a demo before all the action? Set up a quick call below.

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