Cloud Contact Center Building Blocks

Contact Center Cloud solutions are open, reliable, scalable, secure, and most of all, cost-effective. For most contact center operations and analysts cloud solutions offer the best ROI.

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Premise-Based Solutions

The contact center has been moving to the cloud for a decade now. The reasons behind this are simple: cloud solutions are open, reliable, scalable, secure, and most of all, cost-effective, which are all glaringly obvious perks for any contact center operations. Cloud contact center solutions are the best ROI you will get.

    Top Takeaways

    • The pitfalls of premise-based solutions
    • The benefit of cloud-based, enterprise-grade solutions
    • How to build your cloud-based contact center solution
    • Why the time is now to switch to a cloud contact center solution

    VoiceBase AI-Powered Speech Analytics Solutions are industry-leading contact center customer intelligence management and workforce optimization applications. Our technology helps world-class enterprises optimize agent & customer interactions while helping to increase sales and minimize compliance and data security risks. 

    Our Customer Success team provides personalized consulting and support to ensure successful implementation with an average of 4x ROI in the first few months. 

    Flexible and Scaleable

    Your contact center recordings and text transcripts processed and returned to your ideal location in accessible, visual data formats.

    Fully Scrubbed Database

    With automated sensitive data redaction, your database is secure to query and leverage for deep analysis without worrying about a data breach or compliance fines. 

    Robotic Transcription

    It all starts with an accurate transcription. VoiceBase empowers your organization to measure and manage 100% of customer calls and conversations to improve cx, optimize sales, and more. 

    Want to learn more about how VoiceBase can help you install speech analytics for your enterprise to easily visually analyze your contact center metrics? Talk to a speech analytics expert today.