Conversational Data Metrics

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Access the list of 40+ paralinguistic metrics available on the VoiceBase platform out of the box for call centers. 

What are Conversational Metrics?

Customer-centric data is your source of truth. That’s why VoiceBase has built an end-to-end platform specialized for customer and market intelligence from the contact center. 

Every time a customer engages with your business via the call center, they are likely at a crucial point of their customer journey. With the proper analytics tools, you can understand their motivations, pain points, and decisions.

Customer conversational analytics utilizes a variety of technology including NLP (Natural Language Processing) and speech analytics. The result is a set of highly valuable data points that can be leveraged across the business for strategic insights. 


Why Customer Conversational Analytics?

In today’s competitive market, customer experience makes or breaks a brand. If you don’t have your finger on the pulse of your customer experience, you are at risk. Conversational data analytics involves data from a variety of sources: text chat, phone audio, email, etc. By aggregating this data with existing CRM datasets, you can develop a robust voice of the customer program and gain a holistic view of customer behavior and feedback. 

Understand 100% of Customer Conversations

In the past, measuring and scoring every call flowing through the call center was an expensive and tedious task. Thanks to speech analytics platforms like VoiceBase, however, you can now use robotic process automation (RPA) to do all the heavy lifting. 

Rather than listening to and scoring calls manually by hand, call center leaders can now sit at the helm of a powerful reporting dashboard, with the ability to see all operations data as a whole, or zoom in to a single call and spot check with ease. 

Launch a new breed of successful call center agents

Empowering your agents empowers your customers. Give them the capabilities to perform their best and drive service excellence from any location. Remote agents can sometimes struggle with next steps, even when before going mobile.

Conversational analytics can give you the tools you need to empower your agents with actionable feedback and real-time alerts to suggest the next best action or phrase. Screen pops help coach agents through a call with data-backed methods. 


Human Listening

  • Low Accuracy
  • Random Samples
  • Subjective Interpretations
  • Time-Consuming
  • High Cost
  • Low Efficiency


Machine Listening

  • High Accuracy
  • Quantitative Data
  • Consistent Data 
  • Objective Analysis
  • Trainable and Customizable
  • Low Cost
  • Efficient

Use Cases for Conversational Analytics

  • Optimize Performance Management
    • Speech analytics technology can tell you exactly where your team needs to improve, and where you are getting positive results within your call center.
  • Improve Customer Experience Ratings
    • Spot specific customer pain points and complaints so you can take immediate action.
  • Control for compliance needs
    • Automated PCI redaction allows for an entirely scrubbed database of customer centric calls without the risk of exposing sensitive customer data like credit card numbers. PCI-DSS Level One certified.
  • De-siloed data for other departments
    • The call center is not the only org within the enterprise that can benefit from the rich data from customer conversations.
  • Faster Agent Onboarding
    • Call centers that utilize conversational analytics platforms report faster “time to green” for agents due to the insights they discover and then apply to training and ongoing improvement programs.
  • Increased Visibility for Call Center Leaders
    • Gain an understanding of your team’s performance, all the way down to a single employee and surface actionable ways to coach and enable their success.
  • Creates a reporting structure to share with Executives
    • Are you tired of defending the ROI of your call center? Let the data do the talking. Speech analytics can show the contribution to the bottom and top-line revenue.
  • Understand Campaign efficacy
    • Some channels lack perfect attribution ability, such as billboards or print. Imagine being able to track how many times a customer called and said “I want the 10% off deal I saw in that Ad.”
  • Customer sentiment and feedback tracking
    • Surveys are hard. Why not measure emotional sentiment for the 1000s of customer calls flowing through your call center to help ease the process?
  • Sales Optimization
    • Once you understand the nuances of your customer calls, you can spot trends and techniques that result in more sales than others, and then use those insights to train your team. 


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