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CX and Market Intelligence for Customer-Centric Business Leaders

Data-driven consumer insights and understanding of the market is crucial to today’s businesses. Historically, brands have had to rely on lengthy, high-cost study groups and survey methods. 

With customer and market intelligence software such as the VoiceBase platform, these valuable data insights can be surfaced in minutes, and visible for analyst, marketing, sales, and customer service teams to better understand their customers and marketplace dynamics.

The VoiceBase Platform transforms raw audio files from contact centers into structured, rich data which is then visualized in reporting dashboards to understand and analyze consumer intelligence and market insights. 

  • Assess Customer Satisfaction
  • Attribute Sales to Click to Call Campaigns
  • Scrub Audio and Text Files for Security
  • Increase Sales by Spotting Patterns
  • Monitor Script Adherence
  • Spot New Market Trends
  • Understand Brand Sentiment
  • Calculate Share of Voice
  • Track Competitor mentions
  • 100% Auto Satisfaction Scoring

Customer & Market Intelligence Software Demo

Gain a strategic advantage by analyzing customer conversational data for valuable insights. 

Leverage the First Party Data Source You Already Have

VoiceBase enables brands to use the data they already own from their contact center to more accurately understand their customer’s journey, trends, and more.  Every conversational interaction your customer has with your contact center is full of data including brand sentiment, product mentions, satisfaction signals, sale attribution, market understanding, and more.

Historically, this valuable data has been siloed within the call center, barely leveraged, if at all. Today, VoiceBase is helping leading enterprises unlock this rich source of customer & market intelligence and deliver it across the business for strategic insights. 

What are consumer insights?

Consumer insights, or intelligence, describes the practice of using customer-centric data to make data-driven business decisions. Consumer data can be gathered through surveys, consumer feedback groups, and other high-touch methods. However, as the market continues to evolve, businesses are looking for more competitive methods that provide a faster time to value. 

Newer Methods of Consumer Research

Speech Analytics has arisen as a new tool  to provide rich insights about a brand’s customer base and detailed information about them. By processing the customer conversations from the call center, speech analytics surfaces detailed insights into competitors, customers’ pain points & preferences, market trends, consumer buying patterns, economic shifts, and demographics. By de-siloing this data and streaming it across the business, brands gain a strategic advantage of discovering trends and anomolies in near real-time. 

The VoiceBase Platform Delivers Customer & Market Intelligence

The Brand to Consumer relationship is in constant flux. Marketing, Sales, and CX professionals must adapt to shifts in the market as well as customer expectations to remain competitive. 

The VoiceBase AI-Powered Speech Analytics Platform is an enterprise customer insights platform that creates an accessible, dynamic view of your entire customer base, as well as the ability to inspect each customer interaction individually. With built in machine learning, the VoiceBase Platform brings data from the contact center to your preferred business intelligence tool, while merging it with other important customer data streams such as your CRM or CDP.

With this customer and market intelligence solution, you can get immediate insights to determine your next best action to improve CX, increase revenue, and optimize operations for your business.