VoiceBase + Genesys

Level up your contact center with Speech Analytics

Integrate speech analytics into your Genesys call center. 

Automatically score and monitor 100% of all your calls with VoiceBase. Analyze customer sentiment, agent greetings, average handle time, reason for calling, organic product feedback, NPS scores, brand mentions, voice of the customer, and more.

Surface Valuable Insights for Every Department

PCI Detection & Redaction

The VoiceBase’s API platform is PCI DSS Level 1 Certified, to ensure the security of customers’ sensitive information on calls. Using the PCI detection and redaction feature, our API will automatically identify where the credit card information was said and redact it from both the audio and the transcription.

Validate Lead Quality

Analyze campaign generated leads, such as click-to-call ad results from different media channels to gain a competitive advantage and qualitative results. Through lead scoring, marketers can now quickly optimize spend and improve ROI on call-driving campaigns.

Optimize Sales Interactions

Monitor trends across all sales reps. Tag common sales objections to understand how your best reps are overcoming them, and coach new reps on best practices. Companies invest heavily in monitoring the market landscape and competitive intelligence, with speech analytics you can easily monitor competitive mentions from your customers and quickly see how to differentiate.

True Voice of the Customer Viz

Harness the power of speech analytics to monitor your Brand Health, Competitive mentions, and the Customer Journey through the web, phone and store! Visualize call data like customer sentiment, product feedback, website confusion, or FAQs!

What is AI-powered Speech Analytics?

Defining the next generation of enterprise communication through AI-powered speech analytics. Everything we do is built with artificial intelligence, what will you detect in your sales and service calls?

Learn how speech analytics can drive actionable insight in your Call Center.

  • Automatic Speech-To-Text
  • PCI, SSN, & PCI redaction
  • Automatic sentiment, overall, silence, and other conversation metrics
  • Powerful query language for call categorization
  • Predictive models for complex spoken events