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by Emily Nave
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The most important part of any call is what’s said. With $1 Trillion in US spending influenced by phone calls, marketers need to know which campaigns are making their phones ring. Your customer’s product preferences, likes, dislikes and frustrations are almost always mentioned in phone calls, and it’s not a question of ‘if’ this data should be harnessed, but a matter of ‘how’. At, you will hear discussions about this marketing challenge and how new technology is influencing the marketing intelligence space.


A good Call Marketing Strategy relies on data; good data, new data, and lots of data. Traditionally this data is scraped from website clicks, or pulled from notes taken by an agent and CRM platforms. However, some of the most valuable and candid customer insights are already being shared with you, on phone calls. Their stored on hard drives, as wav or mp3 files on a server somewhere just waiting to be mined. The only barrier you have to this intelligence, is accessing it. 

To learn more about our speech analytics API, speak with us at to discover how you can cost-effectively transcribe, analyze and predict customer events and behavior based on what’s said on those phone calls.

By surfacing call data, you can tell agents which products each customer is most likely to be up-sold successfully on, or get better intelligence on your customer’s thoughts on price, product offering and product value.

The intelligence is there, marketers just need a way to get it.


Interested in learning more about VoiceBase’s speech recognition and speech analytics solutions before the show? Contact us here to arrange a demo call today, or visit our website for more information.


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