Enterprise Voice Intelligence

Discover Insights from Customer Conversational Data

Measure and manage contact center data at scale. 

VoiceBase transforms unstructured data from contact center calls and turns it into structured, searchable data for enterprise analytics. 

We believe that what is in your customer calls today, will appear in your financials tomorrow. Each conversation holds valuable insights like customer emotions, keyword trends, and data to drive critical decisions. 


customer feedback icon

Customer Sentiment Analysis

It’s all in how you say it.

40+ Paralinguistic metrics such as emotion,  tone, silence ratio, talk speed, and more. 

agent quality assurance

Agent QA & Compliance

Automatically score agent performance based on custom KPIs and required script disclosures. Visualize individual and team performance in one dashboard. 

data driven insights

Insights for ROI

Improve Customer Experience, Boost Sales, and minimize compliance risk with VoiceBase voice intelligence tools.