Maximizing Call Center Performance

by VoiceBase Inc.

This call may be recorded for quality assurance. We’re all familiar with this phrase, but what does this mean and how are these call centers using this call data to improve their call center performance?

Currently, the usability of these recorded calls is low, what can you do with them? Re-listen to them and learn from mistakes and successes. But that takes hours and hours. With voice analytics tools, you can extract the valuable information out of every call, organize it, and analyze it automatically. This information can be used to improve call center operations, monitor agents for script adherence, or provide custom solutions to unique business challenges.

What type of valuable insights lie within call center interactions?

Agent Monitoring

Managers can make sure agents are mentioning all required details such as, “money-back guarantee” or “warranty.” Also, voice analytics can equip your call center with custom alerts to unwanted or potentially risky conversations so a manager can intervene.

What’s Trending

Which competitive brands are your customers mentioning most? Is there a new feature that customers are asking about? Customers love to tell us what they don’t like about competitors. Don’t let this valuable information go to waste; record it, analyze it, and use it.

Correlate Sales With Keywords

What words are getting mentioned most on successful calls… and in what order? Which sales scripts are performing the best? Utilize learnings from every sales call and then train your salesforce towards best practices.

Track Sentiment

Are customers more happy or upset than usual? Identify leading indicators to a potential need for capacity, or avert a spike in cancellations. Monitor overall brand health by understanding customer sentiment over time.

By indexing every recorded call and automatically extracting actionable keywords, you may just need to change your message to: “This call is definitely being recorded, machine transcribed and indexed for important keywords because it has substantially helped us grow our call center business.”

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