We believe in liberating contact center call data. 

Businesses today have a “dark data” problem.

Business leaders are eager for actionable intelligence Рinsights that can be leveraged for strategic advantage. 

The problem? Customer conversational data is siloed in the contact center. 

VoiceBase solutions turn your customer-centric dark data into structured, BI-tool friendly analytics so you can make better decisions to drive business forward.

Built with AI, structured for Insight. 


        API Access

        Great for Developers

        Automated Call Transcription

        Custom Queries

        Call Scoring & Tagging

        Speech Engine API 

        Predictive Models

        Conversation Metrics 

Starting at $250/Month


        Fully Customizable

        Custom Speech Engine Models

        Best for High Volume Audio

        Auto PCI Redaction

        White Glove Support

        Predictive Models

        Conversation Metrics 

        Full Implementation Service

        Pre-Built BI Reporting

        Customized Reporting

        Managed Services Options

        Cloud or VPC Deployment

        Analyst Support

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Consumer & Market Intelligence Software

Market Intelligence

Optimize Conversions

Automate Compliance

“What’s in your calls today, will be in your financials tomorrow”

Your call center database contains a massive amount of valuable data Рyou just need to know how to extract it. 

The VoiceBase team will partner with you to unearth valuable insights for your next actionable decision. 


Learn which agent scripts are most successful at securing a sale.

Revenue intelligence can tell you what words and phrases are most likely to result in a sale. 

Use the gained insight to further coach and train your team, and watch the graphs go up and to the right. 


Fines for non-compliance can reach into the millions. 

Enable automatic sensitive data security with PCI redaction Рa feature you can switch on with VoiceBase to automatically detect and remove sensitive customer data like credit card numbers from every transcript and audio recording in your database. 


speech analytics ebook guide

The insights in your customer interactions are full of business-critical insights. 

Learn how enterprises are leveraging modern speech analytics in this guide.