voxbone voicebase integration analytics

With Speech Analytics, Voxbone’s phone numbers offer high-quality call recordings, delivered instantly and without the need for additional equipment. Customers using Voxbone also have pre-integrated access to VoiceBase’s services so that they can rapidly access valuable (yet often overlooked) metrics that can have a big impact on a growing business.

Voxbone is a global provider of DID’s, SMS, Voice, SIP Trunks, Interconnects, SuperPops, Call Termination and Emergency Calling. Its new Voxbone Labs allows users to turn on high quality uncompressed dual channel recording that delivers speech-to-text, speech analytics and redaction. Voxbone can also provide SIP Rec (recording) from a network to their cloud.

Any Voxbone client can turn on call recording and speech analytics by enabling call recording on their DID’s. Voxbone has built their own API’s that communicate with VoiceBase. Voxbone clients will send the files through the Voxbone API’s and Voxbone sends files to VoiceBase and will pull back transcripts and other features for the client into any visualization tool they want.


  PCI Redaction

  Keyword and Phrase Spotting

  Swear Word Filter

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