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zapier voicebase speech analytics integration

Connect Zapier to the VoiceBase API to begin processing your call audio with our speech analytics technology.

Zapier allows you to automate actions and activities between your apps automatically.ย 

How it Works:ย 

  • Pass recordings from any Zapier supported app to VoiceBase for transcription & analytics
  • Send VoiceBase results to any Zapier supported app
  • Minimal setup (~1 hour integration time)
  • Turnaround time in just minutes
  • Easily automate workflows between your favorite apps!

With Zapier, you canย 

โœ”ย  Speech-to-text

โœ”ย  Keyword & Topic Discovery

โœ”ย  PCI Detection & Redaction

Get Expert Assistance

Contact our team for help with integrations or to get your account set up with VoiceBase so you can start building your solution!